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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Turn £15 into £30!

I have just taken advantage of an amazing offer with Debenhams and Buyapowa. I signed up to Buyapowa a while ago and the concept is that you agree to buy something that has a 'maximum price' and 'minimum price'. The more people buy it, the lower the price goes. I've bought a few expensive beauty products from there in the past which is amazing-it can be rare to get discounts on certain brands!

For the next few days you can buy a voucher for Debenhams. Currently the  voucher will be for £23 but the more that are bought, the more voucher you get for your money. The highest it can go to is £30, so you would be doubling your money! You will be able to spend the voucher on anything across the Debenhams website so this seemed like too good an offer to miss out on! The vouchers are emailed to you so you can spend them online and have them delivered to you or to your local store.
 It seems like a great way to treat yourself or if you know you'll buy Christmas presents in Debenhams it's well worth it. They're valid til March 2015 too!
You can sign up for the co-buy here. p.s. I'm definitely not getting anything out of telling you about this-just thought I would share a bargain!
Em x