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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Soap and Glory Solar Powder

I received the Soap and Glory solar powder bronzer as part of a gift set at Christmas and to be honest, I used it a few times then put it aside because of it being inside a massive palette that just wasn't very convenient to get out for everyday make up.

I have been using my Estee Lauder bronze goddess bronzer all Summer but now it's slowly turning into Autumn, I was looking for something that would give my cheekbones a bit of definition and give me a bit of colour, while being a bit less pigmented-I just feel like it's a bit more natural looking that way in the colder months, particularly if you are quite fair like me. Little did I know that the product I needed was actually already sitting in my collection.I whipped it out about a week ago after seeing it featured on a few blog posts and youtube videos and haven't stopped using it since. I've particularly been enjoying using it with the duo fibre powder brush from the Real Techniques Nic's Picks set (see my post about it here)-it gives a nice light dusting.The great thing about it is that it has 2 shades, so I can choose to use the lighter, darker, or a mixture of the 2. It's pretty much matte once it's on (you can see slight shimmer in the pan) so I can use it for contouring or all over without looking like a disco ball-I can't stand shimmery bronzers.

I have been enjoying this bronzer so much that I actually went out and bought it separately in compact form , which is just more convenient for my makeup bag.The only downside is the cardboard packaging (I would prefer plastic) but as cardboard goes, it's pretty sturdy with a nice mirror inside. I do think it might get a bit tatty looking after being in and out of my make up bag for a while but I am willing to overlook that for the contents!I will still use up the one from the palette, just maybe not when I'm in a rush getting ready for work. It's available here for £11, although all of the Soap and Glory products and currently on offer-buy one, get one half price.

Have you tried it? Have you got a favourite bronzer you would recommend?

Em x