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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Beauty Empties #1

I seem to have used up a lot of things's funny how you don't finish anything for ages and then it happens all at once. So I thought I'd share the products I've used up and give a mini review on each-I feel like you can really give a good opinion on something if you've used the whole thing up. You will notice that I have cut a few of the products in tubes open-I always do this as there are normally a few uses left in there that you can't squeeze out-if I paid for it, you bet I'm using it all!

1) Wet n Wild Eye Shadow in the shade Brulee-a matte cream shade. I used this purely for highlighting my brow bone/ blending out crease colours as I don't like anything shimmery on the brow. I found the texture of it slightly dry but for a highlight shade, I'm not too fussy. I actually have another 2 of these because I bought a pack of 3 from Amazon.

2) Tresemme Liquid Gold hair oil. I like that this oil has a pump and comes in a plastic bottle so it's very travel friendly. It is quite runny compared to a lot of other hair oils I've used, meaning that it's not as heavy in the hair. This can be good if you have fine hair or are trying to style your hair to be curly/ voluminous, but it's not quite as nourishing as some thicker oils. I imagine it would also be better for using on dry hair but really I only use oils before I blow dry. Would I buy it again? Possibly. I have a bottle of Moroccanoil and a bottle of Macadamia oil on the go at the moment and I have to be honest I prefer both of them to the Tresemme for my hair type (long, thick, wavy). I would consider picking it up if I was looking for a drugstore option.

3)Revlon Colorstay foundation for combo/ oily skin in the shade buff. This is the best shade I have ever found to match my skintone as although it is fair, it is quite neutral. I find that a lot of fair shades can be pink and this is not what I want-I have a lot of pink in my face already so I don't want to emphasize it-I just look weird wearing pink toned foundations. It stays put all day on my oily skin when powdered, with usually only 1-2 touch ups in a long day, what more can I ask? I've been using this on and off for years and already have a new bottle on the go-HG product.

4)Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer. I've been through 2 of these now and have started on my third bottle. I would definitely say it's my HG primer. It's not too slippery-it feels like it's somewhere in between a silicone based primer and a water based one, so although it smooths, it doesn't have that super slippery feel. I don't like purely silicone based primers-I feel like they actually make my makeup slide of faster, which is the opposite effect to what I want! This definitely helps foundation last.

5)La Roche Posay Mat moisturiser. Again, I've been through a few of these and have opened another. This is a great gel-cream moisturiser for oilier skins. It gives enough moisture without being too much for underneath makeup. Some gel moisturisers don't give me quite enough I feel like so this is a happy medium.

6)Percy and Reed Finishing Balm. I use this to scrunch into my wavy/ curly hair and it give definition, seperation and a little bit of hold without making my hair sticky or weighed down. You can use it on straight hair to smooth it too. There's a pattern forming here...I've also been through several of these and have opened another.

7)Simple light moisturiser. This one is slightly heavier than the La Roche Posay one I mentioned but still light enough for oily skin. I like using this one at night as it does give me a little more moisture. I like simple products because they are just that-simple. I don't like to overload my skin with too many different fancy products-I've done this before and it resulted in my skin not being in the best condition.

8) Sure crystal antiperspirant roll on. I'm not overly fussy with antiperspirant except for preferring roll-ons (I've always thought they work better for some reason) and also preferring the ones designed to avoid marks on clothing. I normally pick up whichever is on offer that fits those criteria from Sure/ Dove/ Nivea. No doubt I will buy this one again at some point.

9)Neutrogena visibily clear grapefruit face wash. I wouldn't say this is a HG product because I'm not quite as fussy with face washes as I am with other products but it's something I have repurchased a few times and I have a new one of now. I like a facewash to be creamy so it doesn't over dry my skin (I avoid anything too stripping because it makes my oily skin even more oily in the long run) with some salicylic acid (great for acne prone/ oily skin to help keep it clear). That's exactly what this one is and I like the smell, which isn't too overpowering-I don't like skincare products to be overly scented either in case they cause irritation.

10)Collection lasting perfection concealer. Another HG. If you read blogs, you've probably heard of this unless you've been living under a rock. It gives great coverage on spots and redness (not so good under the eyes as it is too drying) and really stays put. I've lost count of how many of these I've used up over the years.

11)Murad Clarifying mask. This stuff is brilliant for clearing up spots or threatening breakouts. Plaster it on, leave it for 5/10 minutes until it dries then wash it off. It also really helps with oil control. I got a lot of uses out of the tube. However, the price is a little off putting-£38 I believe. I actually got this as a freebie when I bought a tube of my favourite Murad oil control mattifier. Although I really enjoyed it and would use it again if I found a really great offer on it, there are much cheaper masks that have a similar effect, such as the Una Brennan ones I blogged about here, which I believe are £7.99.

12) Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I put off trying this due it being slightly pricey and also due to wondering whether or not it would live up to the hype. In the end I managed to get it online when I had a discount and it was love the first time I used it. It's so thick and moisturising that when I put it on before bed, there's still some left on my lips in the morning. It keeps my lips in tip top condition. I have already repurchased it and I imagine I will continue to do so! I would recommend trying it when you can get it on offer because £9.50 is a lot for a lip balm I think. I do think it's worth it though-I must have had this one for at least 6 months, if not more,and have used it at least twice a day.

13) St Ives facial scrub (travel size). This is one I got as a sample but I just used it for travel purposes, then finished it off at home to use it up. I'd actually already used it and although some people say it's too rough on your skin, I must say I do like to use a more 'scrubby' scrub once a week. In between, I use exfoliating toner type products but I do feel like a physical scrub once a week helps keep my skin clear. Just be gentle with it to avoid irritating or damaging your skin. I would definitely buy this again.

14) The Body Shop sweet lemon body scrub. This scent is actually discontinued but I stocked up on a few products from the sweet lemon range when I knew it was being discontinued as it's one of my favourites. Sad to see this one go! I do, however, like all of the Body Shop body scrubs I've tried (quite a few!). I find that in general they are really scrubby, which is want I want in a body scrub-not one of those that call themselves a scrub but that are really just like a shower gel with a few bits in. They provide a bit of moisture too. I would definitely buy the other scrubs again and in fact, I am using the coconut one right now (yum yum....pina colada anyone?).

15) Garnier simply essentials 2 in 1 makeup remover. This is a bi-phase remover with an oily layer. You need to shake the bottle to mix the 2 liquids before using it. This stuff really is a great makeup remover. It removes even tough to remove heavy eye makeup and waterproof mascara with ease, without leaving too much of a greasy film. Even better, it's only £3.25 in Boots! I'm on my 3rd bottle of this now.

Have you used up any products recently and liked them so much you'll repurchase? I love to hear about new products to try!

Em x