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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ordering from Sephora US and shipping to the UK: My Experiences

My Sephora order arrived, whoop whoop! I thought I would post  a picture of my goodies and tell you briefly about by experiences ordering from them. My order arrived VERY quickly considering it had come from the US-it took 6 days although considering I ordered late at night when they wouldn't have been open and therefore wouldn't have received the order til the next day, I could really count it as 5. I only paid £3 delivery and there were no extra charges/ taxes to pay when it arrived, as promised by Sephora.The parcel was well packed, padded out to protect the products and everything arrived in perfect condition.

The one thing I would say is that of the 3 free samples I chose, I only received 1. The other 2 I received were ones I did not choose. This isn't a deal breaker, but it is slightly annoying. Even more annoying is that one of them was a perfume sample...yet we are not actually allowed to order perfume from the site to be shipped here.The sample I used a code to get and the 100 point sample I chose came fine.

Generally the service was quick and easy. I would order from there again, but only for products I REALLY want and can't get in the UK. In this case, I wanted to try Tarte, Bite beauty and Josie Maran products, none of which we can get here, and I also bought a Too Faced melted lipstick but only because the shade I wanted seemed to be out of stock everywhere in the UK. It doesn't work out as cheap as you'd think when you add the taxes on at checkout so it not something I'd make a habit of.

Would/ have you ordered from Sephora US for shipping elsewhere?

p.s. I am very pleased with what I ordered so far-info, swatches and reviews coming soon! :-)

Em x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Urban Decay moondust eyeshadow: moonspoon

I picked this Urban Decay moondust eye shadow up from recently when there was a 20% off code running. I've wanted it for a while but there were other things on my 'want list' so I didn't get around to buying it. I thought a 20% off code made it the perfect time to pick it up.

The moondust eyeshadows have a LOT of glitter in them. I do love a bit of glittery goodness on my eyes for nights out, parties, etc. I picked up the shade moonspoon, which as you can see, is a dark grey with silver glitter. I am imagining this all over the lid with just a touch of a darker matte grey/ black blended into the crease/ outer corner to smoke it up. As is always the case with urban decay eye shadows, the pigmentation is great. The way it shines in the light is so beautiful! It looks even prettier in real life than it does in photos.

Have you tried any other shades of the moondust eyeshadows? What do you think? 

Em x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sephora wishlist

Now that we can order from Sephora US online and have it shipped to the UK, I have wanted to place an order for quite some time and have been building a bit of  wishlist that I thought I'd share. I've never been lucky enough to set foot in a Sephora store (I swear, I will get to one one day! haha). I've been to the US before, but years ago when I didn't realise this place even existed and I've never spotted one when I've been in Europe-maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough? I don't know.

Originally the shipping to the UK was £10 flat rate if you spend £75 as I understand it, but it seems to have gone down to £3 as far as I can tell from the website. Of course, there is also then some tax added to the price of the items you buy when you go to the checkout-something to consider. £75 plus tax and shipping sounds like a lot but really, things add up quickly and you could always split your order with a friend. On the other hand, if you're buying Christmas presents (it will be here before you know it!) you could easily spend that as they have some lovely sets and palettes.

I'm particularly excited by the blush palette Tarte have released as part of their Christmas collection, and in fact by trying anything from the brand as it's a company I've heard so many good things about. I've got a basket going on the website (does any else make 'dream baskets' then start cutting it down when you see how much it adds up to? lol) and below are the things currently in it. I've also noticed that there's a code on the site for a free deluxe sample size Josie Maran Argan oil light, which I'd love to try. Also if I bought all of these things, with the points I would get, I could add a deluxe sample size too faced chocolate soleil bronzer to my basket for free (I love this bronzer but used mine up long ago and never repurchased it).  I feel like I'm trying to justify it to myself

Here are my picks...

Bite Beauty lipstick duo in shade 'neutral' $12/ Tarte Rainforest After Dark Amazonian Clay palette $38/ Tarte Pinup Girl Amazonian Clay blush palette $42 ($110 value)/ Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in shade 'Playa Del Pink' $18/ Too Faced Melted lipstick in shade 'Peony' $21 (this is technically available in the UK but all the UK websites seem to be sold out of this shade-it must be popular!)

Have you ever ordered from Sephora and had it shipped to the UK? Are there any Sephora products you are lusting after?

Em x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Things I'd tell my teenage self

I saw this great post on Sneha's blog about things she'd tell her younger self (go and have a look at her blog if you haven't already-I really enjoy it).It got me thinking about what I'd tell myself so I thought I would share!

1)You will have a boyfriend one day.
The chances are that all those girls who have boyfriends now will not be with the same boys in a few years time anyway, but for now it's perfectly OK to concentrate on your studies. The right man will come along at the right time, so don't worry about not being one of those 'cool girls' who all the boys like. (I was a late starter,not having a boyfriend until I was 20. If you're one of those people, you're not weird and ironically, I am actually one of the first to be married.)

2) One day, those 'cool kids' who pick on you will go away.
In the future, they won't matter any more and you'll look back and think how stupid their comments were....I mean for starters, who picks on someone because they have a pink coat?! (yes, this really happened). They were probably only picking on you to cover up their own insecurities, anyway.

3)Stop attacking your teenage, spotty skin with so many stripping products!
My mum told me this over and over but thinking I knew best, I went ahead and used everything I could find to try to get rid of those zits. My mum was right. When I did finally listen and stripped back my skincare routine rather than my face, my skin improved. A lot.

4) Your parents are not over-protective, they just love you and want you to be safe.
I used to hate the fact that my parents wanted to know where I was when I wasn't with them, but now I know why-there are a lot of weirdos in the world and you need to be careful.

5)Speaking of parents, be kind to them.
One day you will look back and realise that most of those mean things you said to them were uncalled for. You'll get on so much better with them once your hormones have stabilised and you have a place of your own.

6)Try not to compare yourself to others.
Generally, nothing good comes of it. You're a bit shorter and larger than the other girls? So what? That girl's cleverer than you? So what? It doesn't stop you being happy. As you get older, you will learn to be a little more comfortable in your own skin and stop worrying so much about what others think of you or how you look in comparison to them.

7)You will still not have all of the answers or have your life completely planned out at the age of 27... don't worry that you don't have all of the answers now. It's ok that you don't and probably never will-I've heard pensioners say they never got around to having a plan and no-one knows everything.

8)People will come into and leave your life for different reasons.
As you get older, you will gain the confidence to decide who you want to hang out with. It's sad, but friendships will break up, it happens.  You will make new friends and will learn that you don't have to be friends with certain people just to fit in. Sometimes people come into your life just to teach you something, other times it's to be a lifelong friend. If someone is supposed to be a part of your life in the long term, it will happen.

9) Enjoy the small things in life... day you'll realise they add up to being big, important things. The small things that made you smile are the things you will still remember in a few years' time.

10) Sometimes, being silly is OK.
You might want to be all serious and grown up now, but when you are a real grown up,  you will enjoy those childish moments when you laugh about silly things. Those moments are important.

What advice would you give your teenage self? 

Em x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Favourites: Autumn/ Winter lippies

Left to right: see 1-4 below

Left to right: see 1-4 below

Left to right: see 1-4 below

Brrr there's definitely a nip in the air this morning as I'm writing this-the weather is definitely starting to turn. When I think of Autumn/ Winter make up, I think of berry/ plum toned lip products I still wear pink nudes/ 'my lips but better' shades too, but I like to move away from the corals I enjoy wearing in the Summer and more towards berry/ plum tones in the cooler months. I have to say, though, I am a little scared of very dark/ bold lippies so most of these are a toned down/ sheer version-so perhaps good for recommendations if you prefer slightly more eye makeup and less on the lips like me. Here are my top picks:

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Turn £15 into £30!

I have just taken advantage of an amazing offer with Debenhams and Buyapowa. I signed up to Buyapowa a while ago and the concept is that you agree to buy something that has a 'maximum price' and 'minimum price'. The more people buy it, the lower the price goes. I've bought a few expensive beauty products from there in the past which is amazing-it can be rare to get discounts on certain brands!

For the next few days you can buy a voucher for Debenhams. Currently the  voucher will be for £23 but the more that are bought, the more voucher you get for your money. The highest it can go to is £30, so you would be doubling your money! You will be able to spend the voucher on anything across the Debenhams website so this seemed like too good an offer to miss out on! The vouchers are emailed to you so you can spend them online and have them delivered to you or to your local store.
 It seems like a great way to treat yourself or if you know you'll buy Christmas presents in Debenhams it's well worth it. They're valid til March 2015 too!
You can sign up for the co-buy here. p.s. I'm definitely not getting anything out of telling you about this-just thought I would share a bargain!
Em x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

River Island wishlist

Abstract print jumpsuit £48/ Black and gold pleated midi skirt £40/ Dinosaur 'dior' t-shirt £18/ silver embellished sandals £40/ Dog print shirt £38/ coral mesh panel top £22

After my post about the 20% of at River Island with Elle magazine, I thought I would share my top picks from the website! I particularly love the dionosaur/ 'dior' t-shirt -a cute take on the t-shirts playing with designer names that seem to be all over the internet. I think the dog print shirt is adorable and the coral top would look great with a pair of skinny jeans, dressed up or down. I love the combination of colours on the jumpsuit and the sandals are so pretty...even if it's not really the right time of year to be buying sandals any more...they would be a comfortable heel, too, while being just enough to give you a little bit of height. The midi skirt would be a real statement piece with a plain black top.

A few of these might have to be mine!What do you think? Is there anything you're lusting after from the River Island website?

Em x

Beauty Empties #1

I seem to have used up a lot of things's funny how you don't finish anything for ages and then it happens all at once. So I thought I'd share the products I've used up and give a mini review on each-I feel like you can really give a good opinion on something if you've used the whole thing up. You will notice that I have cut a few of the products in tubes open-I always do this as there are normally a few uses left in there that you can't squeeze out-if I paid for it, you bet I'm using it all!

Monday, 15 September 2014

20% off at River Island with Elle magazine

I thought that anyone reading my blog (although there are only a few of you at the moment!) would be interested to know that there is a 20% off voucher for River Island with UK Elle magazine at the moment. This month's is also only £2 instead of the usual £4, so if there is anything you've got your eye on, it might well be worth picking up a copy. You have to register the card online to activate it before 2nd October and then it will be valid until 5th October. You then use the individual card code on the website or take your registered card into store for your discount.

Happy shopping!

Em x

A Buxom Bargain

On my most recent trip to TK Maxx, I found this Buxom 'Full Bodied' lip gloss by Bare Escentuals in the shade 'she-bang' , which is a deeper pink with a hint of plum to it and some fine shimmer-but not that frosty kind of shimmer that I'm not a fan of. I thought it would be a nice Autumn version of a 'my lips but better' colour (look out for a post on Autumn/ Winter lippies soon!).

It claims to be 'an ultra-hydrating, volumising lip gloss with a smooth, soft-cushion sensation. When they say volumising, they mean that it gives a plumped up look because it's so glossy (it isn't one of those ones that tingle/ sting). It does feel very smooth and moisturising so I'd say it lives up to their claims. It's also really pigmented for a gloss, meaning that I would wear this on its own rather than over a lipstick. It is formulated without parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances, which is brilliant if you're someone who's into avoiding those sorts of ingredients in your cosmetics. The applicator is quite flat, and I like how it applies the product. I prefer the flat or tear drop shaped wands to the typical doe foot applicator.

After googling them, I found out that unfortuntely, the Buxom lip glosses have been discontinued in the UK but I picked mine up for the bargain price of £5.99 at TK Maxx (most 'drugstore' lip glosses cost more than that these days!)It's well worth having a look to see if your local store has them in stock or even having a look on ebay because they really seem really nice! If you're in the US or going on holiday there any time soon, they're available from Sephora for $19 (unfortuanely they don't ship that brand to the UK). I would definitely like to try some more shades if I can get hold of them!

Have you tried these glosses? What did you think?

Em x

Friday, 12 September 2014

Ebay wishlist #1

I love having a look around ebay from time to time. Not only can you get some real bargains but it's also somewhere you can pick up things that not everyone will have. Above are some of my current picks.

  1. Invisibobble dupes are available here at the bargainous price of 99p for 10. I own some of the originals, but more head bands are always useful as they seem to go to the same place as odd socks and teaspoons! (in my house, anyway).
  2. I have a Yankee Candle wax tart burner, and I have been using fruity scents during the Summer. I like for our home to smell warm and cosy during the colder months so I'd like to try some more spicy scents like cinnamon stickhome sweet home and spiced orange.
  3. Bow ring available here-the seller has several colour available on their other listings. I already own the silver but would like the pink to add to my jewellery collection.
  4. I've been meaning to try these #43 red cherry lashes for a while-they remind me a lot of my favourite Ardell wispies, but cheaper!
  5. I think this earring display would be amazing for storing all of my earrings. It rotates so everything would be easily accessible.

Is there anything you like the look of on ebay at the moment?

Em x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top Tips: Saving

image credit:

Me and my husband are currently saving for a mortgage deposit and we also saved for around 2 years for our wedding.  I have also saved for cars, holidays, the list goes on. I'm not by any means claiming to be any sort of financial expert but I think I'm pretty good at saving when I have something to aim for. I thought I would share my tips in case it helps anyone because let's face it, it's not easy to avoid spending your hard earned cash. These are just things that have worked for me!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Soap and Glory Solar Powder

I received the Soap and Glory solar powder bronzer as part of a gift set at Christmas and to be honest, I used it a few times then put it aside because of it being inside a massive palette that just wasn't very convenient to get out for everyday make up.

I have been using my Estee Lauder bronze goddess bronzer all Summer but now it's slowly turning into Autumn, I was looking for something that would give my cheekbones a bit of definition and give me a bit of colour, while being a bit less pigmented-I just feel like it's a bit more natural looking that way in the colder months, particularly if you are quite fair like me. Little did I know that the product I needed was actually already sitting in my collection.I whipped it out about a week ago after seeing it featured on a few blog posts and youtube videos and haven't stopped using it since. I've particularly been enjoying using it with the duo fibre powder brush from the Real Techniques Nic's Picks set (see my post about it here)-it gives a nice light dusting.The great thing about it is that it has 2 shades, so I can choose to use the lighter, darker, or a mixture of the 2. It's pretty much matte once it's on (you can see slight shimmer in the pan) so I can use it for contouring or all over without looking like a disco ball-I can't stand shimmery bronzers.

I have been enjoying this bronzer so much that I actually went out and bought it separately in compact form , which is just more convenient for my makeup bag.The only downside is the cardboard packaging (I would prefer plastic) but as cardboard goes, it's pretty sturdy with a nice mirror inside. I do think it might get a bit tatty looking after being in and out of my make up bag for a while but I am willing to overlook that for the contents!I will still use up the one from the palette, just maybe not when I'm in a rush getting ready for work. It's available here for £11, although all of the Soap and Glory products and currently on offer-buy one, get one half price.

Have you tried it? Have you got a favourite bronzer you would recommend?

Em x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Apple and raspberry pancake pudding

At the weekend, I had a go at making this dessert-it turned out sooooo yummy even if I do say so myself, and it's not too bad for you because it's mostly fruit really...that's my excuse! I took the basics of the recipe from Sorted Food's blog and made a few small alterations. You can see their version here- you really should be reading they're blog and watching their youtube video if you like if you like cooking, by the way.

The boys on sorted food called it a fruit toad in the hole which it sort of is, except that the batter is sweet and bakes to a pancake texture rather than yorkshire pudding texture if that makes any sense. They used pears and raspberries in their recipe. I chose to use apples rather than pears and I really like the combination of them with raspberries.

 I peeled and chopped up 2 apples and washed a packet of raspberries, then spread them over the base of a greased oven dish. I then made a batter using 2 eggs, 80g butter (melted) 80g flour, 80g caster sugar and 150ml milk (I used semi-skimmed). The sorted food recipe called for vanilla essence but I only had vanilla flavouring so I added a bit of that. It also called for raspberry liqueur, which I skipped. 

I poured the batter over the fruit and baked for 10 mins at 200°C/ gas 6 before taking it out and putting just a little butter over the top (sorted food said 50g but I didn't use that much as it didn't want to make it too unhealthy!). I then turned the oven down to 180°C/ gas mark 4 and continued to bake. Sorted food said around 20 minutes but mine took around 30 to be done. I took it out, dusted it with a small amount of brown sugar and served it with ice cream. I'm sure it would go just as well with custard or cream, too!

I will definitely be baking this again and may even try it with different types of fruit,

Em x

Monday, 8 September 2014

Winter Boots

I love Winter boots and own several pairs, yet I just can't stop myself most Winters. The only excuse I have is that I do spend a LOT of time wearing them in the Winter. I've had some in the past that have lasted me 3/4/5 years too, particularly if they're leather, as I don't think I'm particularly hard on my shoes. Is that enough justification? haha. Some of my faves are a Nine West pair I picked up for £20 instead of £200 a couple of years back from (if you haven't visited that webiste you need to-they're the clearance website for Kurt Geiger). Then there are multiple pairs from New Look, Clarks, Next...the list goes on.

A few days ago, I got these in the post from Debenhams. They're obviously not real suede for the £25 price tag, but I thought these would be good for dressier outfits. I don't normally like the look of ankle Boots with skirts or dresses, but the cuff on the top of these makes them a bit more finished looking so I think I'll be going for it with these. Something my shoe collection was missing was a pair of more dressy Boots and I felt like these fitted the bill. Most of the shoes I had for going out in the evening are of the strappy variety and let's face it, no-one looks good with blue toes. They have a not-too-high wedge heel so shouldn't be too painful on long nights out but the suedette fabric makes them look a bit more going out appropriate.

I have my eyes on some others too...which may be mine before the Winter's out...despite the many other I own. Here are some of the others I've noticed online

Top left: New Look, £34.99; Top right: Head Over Heels by Dune at Debenhams, £59
Bottom left: River Island, £38; Bottom right: George at Asda; £40 for real leather!

What do you think? Have you seen any nice Winter boots in the shops or online yet? 

Em x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Autumn Tag

Here in the UK, the evenings are starting to draw in and we've definitely had a few chilly days and nights recently. I must say I'm not a fan of this transitional period when it's cold one minute and warm the next, but I'm starting to look forward to my Autumn/ Winter boots and cosy, woolly jumpers.

I saw this tag on Fee's blog (here). Her blog is great and if you haven't read it I suggest you take a look!

Here we go with the questions...

1. Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?  Definitely the black forest hot chocolate that Costa do. I cleverly took a peek at the syrups Costa use for their flavoured drinks when I was in there a few days ago and found, when I googled it, that you can buy Monin syrups in Tesco (the branch I go to had gingerbread-yum! Vanilla and Caramel) and they are also available on Amazon here. Guess who's making my own super yummy hot chocolates this year! I'm also planning to use these as part of some Christmas gifts-I think that the gift set of mini bottles, a tub of a luxury hot chocolate and a nice mug would make a lovely gift. Bit off topic there...haha.

2. Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?All 3! I love wearing boots throughout Autumn and Winter with everything-skirts, dresses and trousers. In fact, I have a post coming up on Winter boots very soon! I also LOVE snoods. It's rare that I go out without one in the colder months-they're so much easier to deal with than normal scarves. I need to keep my neck warm as my neck aches if it gets cold due to a minor case of whiplash about 10 years ago. Gloves are a must have for me too as my hands get really cold.

3. Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?Hmm...I don't think I listen to anything different than I normally would, until I get the Christmas CDs out in November/ December.

4. Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?I tend to go towards something slightly more floral (such as Marc Jacobs Lola) rather than fruity, which I love in the Summer, although I do still go for fruity sometimes, I like it mix it up. I also love Ghost Deep Night for a Winter and evening scent-this one lasts a LONG time on my skin too which is great.

5. Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?I have a Yankee candle wax tart burner that I bought early this Summer. Currently I have berry/ citrus scents for that in my stocks but I need to have a look for some more Autumnal ones. I love spicy, cinammon type scents in the Autumn/ Winter-they smell warming...if that makes sense?

6. What do you love most about Autumn?The colourful leaves on the trees and crunching through them once they've fallen. Warming food like soups and stews-let me tell you that I use our slow cooker a lot in the colder months-put it on low before you go out to work and come in to a lovely hot meal-amazing!

7. Favourite makeup look?I still tend to go for neutral colours on my eyes for everyday like I do all year round, but I like to wear berry toned pinks on my lips instead of the nude pinks and corals I like in the Summer.

8. What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?Being able to wear my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe again and a few days off work with my hubby in late October-always nice to spend time together :-)

If you have a blog and fancy doing the tag, go ahead and link it below. I love finding new blogs to read!

Em x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Real Techniques Nic's Picks

As soon as I saw this brush set on Pixiwoo's blog, I knew I wanted needed it. I already own a lot of the Real Techniques brushes and I really do think they're amazing quality for the price. I love the silver handles on this limited edition collection, they look much more expensive than they are.

Included in the set are 5 brushes...

  • A duo fibre powder brush, ideal for light application of powder/ bronzer/ blush-I will be using this with more pigmented products.
  • A cheek brush (set exclusive). This reminds me of the expert face brush but softer and a bit fuller, great for blush.
  • An angled shadow brush (set exclusive), which is designed to fit into the crease of the eye
  • A base shadow brush which seems like it's flat enough to lay down eyeshadow on the lid but also slightly fluffy and not too flimsy so you could also use it to blend. I imagine this is going to serve a similar function to my MAC 217.
  • An angled eyeliner brush (set exclusive). I'd say this could be used for lining your eyes with eyeshadow for a smokey look, a thicker line of gel liner (it's not as thin as my MAC 266 brush), or for filling in your brows with powder.
Every brush is lovely and soft and I imagine I'm going to love these just a much as the rest of my Real Techniques brushes once I've had chance to test them out properly. The set is £29.99 and isn't released officially until 1st October but I bought mine from look fantastic. Luckily I had a voucher code as I hadn't bought anything from them in a while so they wanted to tempt me back...well it worked haha and I bagged this set for £23.99. As I write this it's also on offer here for £25.40 if you're quick. Worth every penny in my opinion! 

I've got a feeling these will be very popular, especially as they would make a lovely Christmas gift. I know, I know, I shouldn't be mentioning the C word in September, but I always think that once Summer ends it's here before you know it. I start thinking about buying gifts in October usually as I like to have time to think about it and pick things up gradually rather than doing one big frenzied present shop.

What do you think? Will you be picking this set up?

Em x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

the palette
outer packaging
'get the look' card

As fans of Pulp Fiction might be aware, it's 20 years since the film's release. Urban Decay have come up with a collection inspired by the film, one of the items being this palette. The range is based on the character Mrs Mia Wallace (played by Uma Therman) and the make up she wears in the film.

The packaging of the palette really does link to the film, which I haven't actually seen (being 27, I was only 7 when it was released) but that aside, I felt like the palette would be really useful for everyday. The one thing I slightly dislike is that t is a bit more bulky than I would have liked, with a lot of space between the shadows. It comes with a small double ended brush that is actually decent quality for a brush inside a palette. Although I wouldn't generally choose to use it, I could make it work in a pinch. It has a nicely sized mirror that you could use to do your whole make up as it's big enough to see your whole face. It comes with a card with instructions for Mrs Mia Wallace's look which is a nice touch, but obviously you can choose to follow this or not.

 It contains 4 shadows (1 of these is split into two shades so you actually get 5 shades). There is righteous (a matte cream), tyranny (a matte, medium, warm brown), vengeance (a dark, satin finish brown), furious (a slightly shimmery cream/ white) and anger (matte black). Something I usually look for in everyday palettes is a matte highlight shade for my browbone (tick), a shimmer highlight shade for the inner corners of my eyes (tick), a warm, matte, medium brown for the crease (tick), a dark brown for the outer v (tick) and a black to darken things up if I feel like it (tick). Like I said, useful for everyday! It goes without saying that they are great quality and very pigmented-honestly I have never tried an Urban Decay eye shadow that wasn't. They're one of my favourite brands for eye shadows because they're consistently good. I know a lot of people rave about MAC eye shadows but I own a few, some a good and some are bad, whereas Urban Decay always seem to be good in my experience.

Then there's the price...£17.50 in the UK...bargain I thought for Urban Decay! It reminds me of a variation of the Naked Basics palette, but with more variation in the shades-I didn't buy Naked Basics for this reason, I felt like there were too many shades that were so similar. The Naked Basics palettes are £22 in the UK. You do get a bit more product in them as there are 6 shades, but the price difference makes up for it and for me personally, I'll get a lot more use out of the Pulp Fiction palette.

Have you tried any of the pulp fiction collection? What do you think?

Em x

Top 'Drugstore' Make Up Products

I put the word drugstore in inverted commas above because let's be honest, outside of the blogging world people don't generally call Boots and Superdrug 'drugstores' here in the UK-it seems to be an American term we have borrowed!

I actually really like a look around Boots or Superdrug to see the latest products out. I can treat myself to a few things without feeling too guilty, especially when the 3 for 2 offers are on! I thought I would share some of my favourite drugstore make up products here. I may do a second post about this because there are some I've left out for the sake of this post not being a million miles long.

1)Revlon colorstay foundation is one of my all time favourites. It can look heavy if you apply too much but a little buffed in with a buffing brush gives me a medium coverage. It really lasts on my oily skin, something which is a priority for me where foundations are concerned.

2) Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer is my favourite primer. It really does help foundation last even longer on oily skin and has SPF20, which is great just for doing errands, going to work etc when you're not spending a lot of time in the sun-obviously then I would use an actual SPF product.

3)Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is perfect for blemishes as it has good coverage and stays put. I do, however, find it too drying under my eyes. For that, I instead use...

4)Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer is a lighter coverage, illuminating concealer that's perfect for the eye area

5)Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss collection lipsticks really are lovely for the price. One of my favourite shades is 16 (the coral you see in the photo) but I own a few others too.

6)Tanya Burr lipgloss in the shade Picnic in the Park. I love this shade-it's pigmented enough to brighten up the face.

7)Maybelline color tattoos. My favourite shade is On and on bronze, but I own quite a few. They're basically a dupe of MAC paint pots at less than half the price.

8)Revlon lip butters. These aren't actually what I thought they were to start with-they're more of a creamy lipstick formula than a tinted balm, like you would think. My favourite shade is Berry Smoothie-a nice berry/ pink shade.

9)Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses (can you tell yet that Revlon is a favourite brand of mine?). These are pigmented and not too sticky. My favourite is the shade pink pop, pictured above.

10)L'oreal volume million lashes is my favourite drugstore mascara for both volume and length.

11)GOSH Velvet touch eyeliners remind me of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners but these ones are only £5 and come in lots of colours. I love the shade truly brown for use everyday.

12)Rimmel stay matte powder-does what it says on the tin and keeps my makeup in place, for the bargain price of £3.99.

13)Revlon matte blushes. My favourite shade is 003 perfectly peach, which I think is actually somewhere between peach and pink. This is great for everyday but also subtle enough to go with a smoky eye or bold lips.

14) L'oreal Color Riche L'ombre Pure eyeshadows are more like pressed pigments. I like to apply the shade nude 204 to my lids using my finger for a shimmery wash, and add a bit of a darker brown into the crease.

15) L'oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows. These are also more like loose pigments but these ones come with a stopper that presses down the product. One of my favourites is 002 hourglass beige, which is a nice champagne sort of shade.

Have you tried any of these? Which drugstore products would you recommend?

Em x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Beauty Favourites


So this post is going to be about a few of my favourite beauty products from August. It's a little late due to breaking my laptop (AAAAAAGGGGHHH!) by knocking it on the floor. It wasn't worth paying what it would cost to fix as it was a couple of years while I wait for the one I have ordered to arrive, I'm stealing my husband's laptop to type this while he's at work and I'm at home...anyway, here we go...

1) Nip and Fab glycolic fix exfoliating facial pads. As I also mentioned in my post here, these are great at helping to keep my skin clear and essentially they are an exfoliating toner (as is the fashion these days!) but in a pre-soaked pad so they're nice and convenient. I used these pretty much every night in August and in fact after I bought this tub, I went back and bought another from Boots as a back up while they were still on offer.

2)Estee LauderBronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer. I actually own the full size of this too but I have been trying to use up this sample size as I've had it quite a while. As you can see, I've hit pan so I don't think it will last too much longer! When you look at this bronzer in the pan, it has a little sparkle too it but it does come out matte on the skin. I find it's a good shade for my skintone-not too dark or orange and I use it for a subtle daytime cheek contour and to warm up my pale face!

3)MUA eyeshadow in shade 1 pearl. This is £1, really £1. It's a pale cream/ goldish shimmer that works great for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes, making me look far more awake. Can't go wrong!

4)The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine lipstick in shade 18 sunset romance (see here for a swatch) is a beautiful sheer, glossy coral Summer that has been perfect for Summer.

5)Essence eyeshadow in shade 22 blockbuster is a basic matte cream shade that is great as a matte browbone highlight or to blend out my crease colour. I don't like shimmer under my eyebrow most of the time so this fits the bill perfectly and is a bargain too at under £3.

6)Clinique Cheek Pop blush in 04 plum pop is a flattering pink for us pale girls that can be worn sheer or built up for a stronger colour. It has a slight radiance to it but is not shmmery-ideal for those with oilky skin who don't want their skin to look completely flat-like me!

7)Kiko water eyeshadow in shade 200 champagne. I mentioned this in my post about the Kiko goodies I picked up in London here and I haven't stopped using it since. My go-to eyeshadow has been this on the lid, a bit of bronzer in my socket, the MUA eyeshadow in my inner corner and the Essence eyeshadow under my browbone. Easy and pretty with some shimmer but without being too much.

8)Percy and Reed finishing polish. I love to scrunch this into my wavy hair in the morning-it just gives it a bit more bounce and a slight bit of hold while also helping with any frizz. I've had this for a long time (the photo is in fact a new tube I have ready as I have cut my old one open to scoop the last bits out). I'd forgotten about it for some reason but during August, I have been using it pretty much every day I've worn my hair down.

What were your favourite beauty products in August?

Em x