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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Forever 21 Jewellery bits

As I mentioned in my last post where I talked about the Kiko makeup I picked up, I was in London Friday til Sunday. I popped into the Forever 21 on Oxford Street too and got some jewellery bits. I really like their jewellery and have got quite a few things from there. We do have one nearby but the London branches are obviously bigger and have more selection. Of course I had to throw a couple of statement necklaces into my basket...the obsession continues haha.

The plaited, beaded necklace was £7.40 and the other, more sparkly one was £14.90. The bow earrings were only £1.50 each so because I liked them so much I decided to get them in both gold and silver so they will go with whichever other jewellery I am wearing. I love how they have actually been 'tied' from the metal they are made of-super cute I thought! 

What do you think?

Em x