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Friday, 1 August 2014

Nail Polish Storage Ideas

I have been wanting to make my nail polishes more neat, tidy and organised for a while now. I did buy this nail polish holder a while ago. It's great, but just isn't big enough for all the nail polishes I have any more and at £24 a go now (super expensive for what is essentially a plastic box!) I wasn't about to buy another. These would be a good option if you don't mind the price tag and you maybe only have enough polishes to fill 1 (48 or less) , but what I think I'm possibly going to use it for now is to keep my current favourites in, and rotate them in an out of my other storage.

So, I began by having a sort out of all my polishes.

This is what the bulk of my polishes looked like before...jumbled up in a cardboard box and half of them were neglected because I couldn't see what I had. 

The first stage of my sort out was to organise them by colour. I put them into groups of pale-medium pinks, brighter/ darker pinks, blues and greens, purples, corals/ peaches, reds, neutrals and golds, silvers/whites/blacks. Like this...

Our bed was covered! haha

I had been thinking about what I could use to store the main bulk of them when I realised that the boxes I already use to store hair bits like rollers and things would be perfect. They are actually made to be shoe storage boxes and are made of clear plastic with a hinged lid that clips shut-perfect because you can see everything inside. They are also deep enough that even my tallest polishes that have never fitted upright in anything else before fit in.  Oh and they cost a whole 89p from Home Bargains-so cheap and handy! I'm sure you can get something similar other places too if you don't have a store near you.

I put them into the boxes in their colour groups. In some boxes I put more than 1 colour group, splitting the box in half, just depending how many I had in each group. This sort out helped me to discover that I clearly have a problem with hot pink polishes! I filled an entire shoe box with pink alone. I will not be buying any more pinks for a while haha. Now the boxes look like this...

I think you'll agree that it's much more manageable to grab the 'pink box' or whichever colour I fancy and choose a shade now they are organised like this rather than being in a big jumble. In total, I have 3 boxes full (plus 1 empty box so I have room to buy more...not that I should be doing...but you know...just in case lol).

I also wanted to show you how I store my nail art bits and basics like top and base coats, polish remover etc. This has stayed the same as I really like how they are stored. What I use is designed to be an art box and it is also clear plastic. It i made by the company Daler Rowney, who make art supplies. I love that when you open it, there are 3 tiers-a deep section in the bottom and 2 shallower ones. This means I can keep smaller nail art bits where they can be seen. I bought mine from an art supplies shop but you can find it on ebay here.

What do you think? How do you store your nail polishes?

Em x