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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My make up bag: handbag edition

Here is a little look into the make up/ beauty essentials I like to keep in my handbag. I know plenty of people who don't carry any of these things and carry tiny handbags, but I must say that my 'emergency kit' has saved the day several times for not only me but other people. Certain things like lip products change from time to time but the rest stays pretty much the same. It may seem like quite a lot but it all fits into a reasonably compact make up bag. It's also worth noting that I don't generally like to carry anything too expensive around in case it goes missing, apart from if I'm wearing a more expensive lipstick that I would obviously want to top up with the same colour.

  1. Make up remover filled cotton buds. These are amazing if you get a bit teary, or have a mascara mishap. I unfortunately inherited my mum's sensitive eyes that run with the slightest bit of sun or wind, so these have come in handy on a few occasions!  You just snap one end and the make up remover runs into the other end ready to use. I think the particular ones I have are discontinued, but you can find similar here for £3.99.
  2. L'occitaine hand cream. I'm not particularly fussy on which hand cream lives in my handbag, apart from the fact that I don't like it to be too heavy or sticky for daytime use and I like it to be small. L'occitaine' travel sizes fit the bill.
  3. Hand sanitizer. Again I'm not fussy here but I always like to have some on hand.
  4. La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water spray-available here for £4. I like to have some sort of refreshing face spritz on hand, particularly in the Summer months. It can cool you down even over make up and also helps take away the powdery look of any make up touch-ups.
  5. Anti-perspirant. I'm currently carrying the Nivea invisible kind, but any travel size spray will do. Especially in the Summer months or if you have long work days-everyone needs to freshen up sometimes!
  6. Blotting sheets-mine are Kleenex at the moment as although these have been discontinued, I like them so much that when I saw them for 29p a packet in home bargains I bought about 20...literally. This obviously only applies if you have oilier skin.
  7. Compact mirror-self explanatory
  8. Invisibobble. These are great for getting your hair out of the way without leaving a mark and they're also very secure. Alternatively, any other hair band you'd like but you can find invisibobbles here.
  9. Maybelline fit me foundation stick is handy for touchups. It glides on smoothly even over make up I'm already wearing if a coverage top-up is required, plus it won't spill in there as it's in stick form. Available here for £8.99.
  10. A neutral-pink blusher. Something not too bright that will go with most makeup-currently I'm carrying a no. 7 one in the shade soft damson.
  11. A miniature blush brush (mine is a very old one by The brand TIGI)
  12. My touch-up powder of choice-Collection perfecting minerals foundation-£4.99 here. My main reason for choosing this is the convenience of it being in a brush already-for super speedy touch-ups and to save space.
  13. Clinique high impact mascara in a gift with purchase size-I usually throw in any mini size I have to hand.
  14. Maybelline baby lips lip balm (in foreign packagain and from poundland!)-or any other lip balm alternative you like.
  15. Maybelline baby lips electro in shade strike a rose-easy to slap on and go with a hint of colour. Available here for £2.99.
  16. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss sticks. Do I need two of these in there? Probably not but the shades nudist and bashful are very well used and battered. Available here for £8.
  17. The Body Shop colour crush shine lipstick in shade 18 sunset romance-one of my current everyday favourites. £10 here.
  18. Nail file-I carry one at all times. This one comes in a case-you get the case and 4 files I think for £1 in Primark-bargain!
I'm off for a long weekend away on Friday morning so I might well do a post about the make up and toiletries I take with me. Which beauty products do you carry in your handbag?

Em x