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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF15

I have found myself relying on Murad's oil control mattifier a lot lately to keep the Summer oilies at bay. I have combination-oily skin that's more normal on the cheeks and an oily T-zone but it can turn into an oily nightmare when I'm trying to keep make up on my face in Summer.

I first discovered this product when Ruth from A Model Recommends blog recommended it so highly and since then I've been hooked. It's a product that I only tend to use in the Summer, as I can afford for my skin to have a bit more moisture in the cooler months and I must admit that my skin does seem to get 'used to it' after a few months (i.e. the oilies start to creep in a bit quicker). Of course this isn't a problem if I give my skin a break from it in Winter.

That aside, this stuff really does keep me matte. I sometimes blot/ powder once during an (8 hour-ish) day while wearing this but often, not at all. For me, that is pretty amazing. I have genuinely not tried any other mattifing product that keeps me matte as long as this (and I've tried a lot over the years). It was quite revolutionary to me that I could stay matte for so long! It also gives me enough sun protection for day to day errands, going to work etc (of course, I would wear an actual sunscreen if spending any length of time in the sun). 

So...what do Murad claim the product does? 'Reduces shine on contact, controlling oil production and protecting your skin, to give a perfectly matte complexion for up to 8 hours'. Personally, I'd say it lives up to the claims.

The only drawback is the price-I have seen it for anything up to £37. Feel unique currently sell it for £33.30 with free shipping here. Look out for offers-I've never paid full price for this so it does happen. I actually managed to find my most recent tube in TK Maxx for a bargainous £12-box still sealed (yep...I love that place-my branch had quite a few Murad products in!) Having bought it before, I snapped it up. To be honest, although it's pricey, 1 tube gets me through the whole Summer. If you've got super oily skin and nothing else will control it during the Summer, I'd say it's worth the price tag to buy once a year if your budget stretches to it, even if you have to pay full price.

What do you think? Have you tried it or can you recommend and similar products?

Em x