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Monday, 18 August 2014

Kiko Goodies and First Impressions

This weekend me and my husband took a little trip to London. I've seen Kiko popping up on a few blogs and it looked insteresting so since there are no stores anywhere near me, I made a point to make a stop there on Friday. You can order online but since I'd never tried the brand I thought I would wait and be able to try out the products in person. I ended up in the Oxford Street store, which seemed quite busy and popular. I was just left to my own devices in there and ended up with swatches going up my arms after running out of space on my hands haha. I must say I quite liked that the sales assistants just said hi and didn't pester you unless you asked them something. I'm really not fussed on pushy sales assistants who try to sell you all kinds of things you didn't go in for-I would much rather just be left to have a look around.

So this is what I came away with...


1. Top pairs blush in shades Raspberry Rose and Peach. This is from their latest limited edition collection for Autumn/Winter, Daring Game. The products in compacts all have card themed, white packaging with a decent sized mirror. The blusher duos contain one matte shade and one slightly shimmery shade.


2. Water Eye shadow in shade 200 Champagne (although they only have the number on the packaging-I prefer it when companies have the shade name too because it's easier to remember if you want to purchase more of the same product in different shades or repurchase the same one). These are meant to be used wet or dry, but this shade already has a gorgeous metallic sheen used dry, so I imagine it would look almost like foil used wet. There is also a mirror in these but I don't think I'll be using it as it is obviously small, being inside a single eye shadow.  I love the 3D moulded design of the shadow. Available here for £8.90.

3. Invisible lip liner. There's nothing fancy about this, but I thought it was a very useful product to own and was good value at £5.90. I like to use a lip liner in case of any bleeding/ smudging with brighter or deeper lipstick shades, but I sometimes feel like using a coloured liner makes my lips look a bit 'too done', if that makes any sense. Available here.

4. Smart lipstick in shades 911 (left) and 906 (right). These are a slightly sheer but buildable formula with a creamy feel, which makes sense since they are advertised as being a 'rich, nourishing lipstick'. These were a bargain at only £3.90 each so I decided to try a couple of shades. Available here.

5. Sun Lovers blush in 03 Brazilian Pink. This is a baked type blusher split into 2 sections.  You could use each one on its own or mix them. This is from the Summer collection I believe, 'Life in Rio' and it has been slightly knocked down in price to £10.40 from £14.90 so assume it won't be around for much longer. It's available here.




Below left to right: Smart lipstick 906, Smart lipstick 911, water eye shadow 200 champagne (dry)

Picture below top row: Top pairs blush peach and raspberry rose (top)
Picture below bottom row: Sun lover blush brazilian pink each half separate then mixed on the right)

Overall, I really like the texture of the lipsticks and the water eye shadow so far. The eye shadow has a lovely metallic finish and if I'm remembering correctly, reminds me of something Estee Lauder did not too long ago (only cheaper!) The blush products I picked up don't seem overly pigmented but I actually like that in a blush. Being quite fair skinned, a blush that is super pigmented can sometimes be a little trickier to deal with and take more time to get right and blend out. They are not overly glittery or shimmery (which I can't stand in blushes). I like the packaging (let's face it, this does influence whether we will buy products or not). My initial impressions are good so hopefully I will continue to like the products I picked up once I've tested them out a bit more.

Have you tried any Kiko products? Are there any you would recommend?

Em x