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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Current Favourite: Evening Clutch

Here is my current favourite clutch-studded bow amazingness! This is from the brand Dune but it was another of my TK Maxx bargains a few months back. Bags in Dune are on the expensive side compared to the rest of the high street but I bagged (no pun intended haha) this for £24.99 instead of £55.

 It has a chain strap long enough to sling over your shoulder inside. Sometimes I will leave the house using a bag as a clutch then get fed up and get the strap out-sometimes a clutch just gets in your way when you're doing your thing on the dancefloor! It's not too small either-I can't be doing with the sort of clutch that's so small you can just about squeeze your bank card and phone in it. Living in England, I often like to squeeze a compact brolly in-no point it getting glammed up if you're going to get wet, right? I also love that it's black as it goes with most outfits.

The bag is still available on the TK Maxx website here.

What do you think? 

Em x