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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Body Shop Colour Crush and Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks

This morning, I got a delivery from the body shop. I wanted to try out 2 things-the first being the lipsticks featured in this post (second to come in another post). I read a lot about the colour crush and colour crush shine lipsticks when they were first launched and noticing that there was a £25 off a £50 spend on the website, I thought it was the perfect time to try them.

I opted for 3 shades. The first two are from the colour crush line-225 blushing pink and 105 coral cutie. The 3rd is from the colour crush shine range-18 sunset romance.

Top to bottom: sunset romance; coral cutie; blushing pink

Left to right: blushing pink; coral cutie; sunset romance
 Both the original colour crush and colour crush shine formulas feel very moisturising and creamy-this is what I go for in a lipstick. I would rather have to reapply than have my lips looking like a pair of prunes from long wear formulas that dry my lips out. Having said that, the original colour crush lipsticks will be a bit more long lasting than the colour crush shine because of the difference in formulas. While the original are creamy and have a bit of gloss to them, the shine version are much more sheer and glossy with a more slippery feel-not in a bad way-if that makes sense. So really if you were making a decision between the two, it just depends on whether you'd prefer more pigment of more gloss. Personally, I love them both :-)

 Blushing pink (above) is the perfect everyday subtle pink.

Coral cutie (above) is a very pigmented orange. I actually thought it was going to be a more orange/ red than it is but it's more of a straight up orange. For this reason, I would probably pair it with a red liner pencil just to make it slightly more red-I love the colour but for me personally I would be worrying about my teeth-unless your teeth are super duper white orange can make them look quite yellow. I've never tried a colour like this so I thought I would be a bit adventurous and try something new!

The other way I would be happy wearing it is more like a stain-in the picture below I dabbed it on and patted it into my lips. This makes it much more wearable and means getting much more use out of it for me. I would probably wear it like this in the day, then amp it up with some red liner and more of the lipstick in the evening-perfect!

coral cutie worn as stain

 Sunset romance (above) from the shine range is a sheer coral that is perfect for the Summer-a hint of coral without being too much. I would use this for everyday wear.

Both the colour crush and colour crush shine ranges retail for £10 each, which with today's drugstore prices isn't super expensive, however The Body Shop are always having deals and offers on. I actually managed to get mine for £5 each and they are well worth that-they definitely feel like a good quality product and they have a really big shade range so there is something for everyone. You can currently 35% off everything code when you enter 35OFF  at the checkout here.

What do you think of the colours I chose? Are there any more of The Body Shop lipsticks you would recommend I try?

Em x