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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Super cute ASOS cat tee

How cute is this t-shirt? I ordered it from ASOS a couple of days ago and it should be arriving today. I had a £5 off voucher through their reward points scheme so that made it under £10. I am a bit unsure about what the fit will be like as I don't normally order from the petite section, although I am not that tall at 5'4''. If it does turn out to be on the short side for me, I'm envisioning tucking it into a skirt so I can just wear the skirt more high waisted. The fabric is 100% cotton which is something I look for-I like to wear more natural fabrics in Summer as man made fabrics tend to make me a bit hot and sticky. You can buy it here for £14.  Unfortunately it seems that it's only available in the petite section, but you could make it work by tucking it into something more high waisted, or even wearing it as a crop top if you're tall, have the stomach for it and are brave enough?!

What do you think? Em x