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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Next Cashmere Eye Shadow Palette: another urban decay naked palette alternative?

Today I received a late birthday present of a few items from Next (I actually really liked getting it late as it felt like getting an extra random present! hehe). One of them was this gorgeous palette from the Next Cashmere range (cashmere is a perfume they make and they have an associated cosmetics line). From looking on the website, I believe it costs £6 and it is available here

The cashmere palette swatched.

The first thought I had when I saw this palette was how much it reminded me of the original urban decay naked palette for a fraction of the price! The shades in a Next palette are all very pigmented, perhaps not quite as buttery as urban decay but amazing for £6. Now, you do get 10 shadows in the Next palette as opposed to the 12 in the naked palette, but I really don't mind as the colours are gorgeous! They are not all exact dupes of the urban decay palette, but they are definitely reminiscent and a great alternative if you don't want to spend £37 on an eye shadow palette.

Above, you can see the naked palette and cashmere palette side by side for comparison. The Next version is also much smaller, making it great for travel or slotting into your everyday make up bag. I actually had to use my new naked palette that I haven't used yet (I've had it sitting there as a back-up for a while) for this picture as my old one is very battered looking with half the colours missing!

What do you think of the cashmere palette? Have you tried any Next make up products?

Em x