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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Love parks week

According to our local paper, it's Love parks week next week. Me and my husband spend a lot of time in our local parks and outdoor spaces during the Summer months. There is one particular park that's our favourite, maybe partly because we both spent a lot of time there during our childhoods, but also because it's a beautiful place to go. I always think that parks are underrated and that it's pretty amazing to have such lovely big green spaces nearby when you live in a city. 

I also love the fact that you can get close to wildlife. There are lots of signets and ducklings every Spring/ Summer in our favourite park as well plenty of squirrels all year round. I'm quite often there with my camera snapping photos of the animals I spot.

 Plus, of course, it's a free day out. We often take a picnic and spend a large part of the day walking around and sitting taking in our surroundings and enjoying the Sun (when it's here-the Northwest of England is not always the sunniest place haha). We just love the opportunity to be outdoors. It's also, of course, great if you've got kids.

Do you visit your local parks and green spaces much?

Em x