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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Giant Spectacular! The Giants Return!

This weekend marked the return of the 'Giant Spectacular' to Liverpool. We missed it last time it was on and we weren't really sure if we would go to see them this year, but we ended up hopping on the train to see them on Saturday and it was well worth it. 

The last time they appeared for a commemorative piece of street theatre was in April 2012, when the event was to do with the Titanic disaster. This time, it was to do with the First World War.-August 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the war. 

The story was told through the use of giant moving puppets. The puppets were held up by cranes and all their moving parts were controlled by ropes, a person being responsible for each. They were so life like because of all the different moving parts! My favourite was Xolo the dog-they had obviously studied how the dog needed to move and he looked so real. We also saw the little girl giant. We missed out on the Grandma giant but we saw the 2 we'd really wanted to so that was the main thing.

We got there a bit early-unintentionally actually-but handy because it meant we could pick our spot and get a place at the front. We didn't go to the place where they were starting because it was already really busy there and we figured we were better going a bit further along the route they were taking and being able to be at the front when they arrived there. We had a really good view and I was able to get some quite close up photos!

Such a cute face, Xolo!

Xolo getting groomed!

Did you see the giant spectacular this weekend or have you ever seen anything similar?

Em x