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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Essence Goodies and swatches

As you may know, German brand Essence has recently hit the UK. Having picked up the odd item here and there while I've been on holidays in Europe, I was keen to try more. The prices are very affordable and I'd say it's aimed at the younger audience-think along the lines of Boots 17 perhaps. They often release new collections and strike me as being quite an on-trend type of brand. It is currently exclusive to Wilkinsons and you can buy from their website here. All cosmetics are currently also on a 3 for 2 offer, making everything even cheaper so I decided to order myself some goodies.

First face products. I ordered the sun club matt bronzing powder (£3) in the 'blondes lighter skin' shade-yes I am a brunette but have quite fair skin so I thought this was the best colour option. Next was the silky touch blush (£2.50) in shade 10 'adorable' which I think is the perfect everyday pinky shade for fair skin. Lastly is the blush up powder blush (£3.50) in shade 10 'heat wave', which is just beautiful! I honestly feel like this looks much more expensive than i is and is versatile as you can use the pinkier side, the more orange side or mix the two together for a coral shade.

Left to right: Sun Club matt bronzer in blondes; Silky Touch Blush in 10 Adorable; Blush Up in 10 Heat Wave (orange, pink, then shades mixed)

For eye products, I ordered 2 eyeshadows (£1.60) in shades 22 'blockbuster' (matte cream-the perfect mate highlight shade) and 'sandy says hello' (neutral metallic) as well as 2 different eyeliner pencils-longlasting eye pencil in 02 hot chocolate (£1.50) and gel eye pencil waterproof in 06 (£2.30). Both eye pencils are a dark brown colour but as this is the colour I wear most days and they were so reasonably priced, I thought I would try out the 2 different formulas.

Left to right: eyeshadow 22 blockbuster; eyeshadow 77 sandy says hello; longlasting eye pencil 02 hot chocolate; gel eye pencil 06

For lip products, I got 3 lipsticks. The first two are the longlasting formula (£2.30) in 01 coral calling and 08 colour crush. Then I ordered one of the normal range which are more sheer and glossy (£2), in shade 53 all about cupcake. Finally, a lipliner in shade 12 wish me a rose (99p).

Left to right: 53 all about cupcake; 08 colour crush; 01 coral calling

Lipliner 12 wish me a rose

I also ordered some interesting looking nail items, including their 'nail art stampy' set (£3) which works a similar way to Konad as far as I can tell but at a much lower price! I also ordered an extra stencil plate (£1.50) and 2 of the stampy polishes (£1.50) in black and white that are designed for use with the kit. They do a 'gel nails at home' range, which I haven't tried, but their 'gel nail corrector' tool (£2) looked useful for cleaning up edges before curing the polish under the lamp.  The final nail item is the 'effect nails' (£2) in shade 10 call me galaxy, which is basically a pot of loose glitter but I really liked the colour combination.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with these but so far I am very impressed with the pigmentation and quality of the products for the price. 

Have you tried any Essence products?

Em x