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Monday, 14 July 2014

Butter London Bargains

I went for a little look round TK Maxx today-I particularly like to have a look round the home/ kitchen and beauty sections. Today I found this 'Backstage Basics' set from Butter London. It has an RRP of £33 but I found it in the clearance part of the beauty section for £7!

I think the idea of the set is that it has all the basics in it then you choose which colour you'd like for the nail polish and slot it in if you were in a shop that stocked the brand. Mine came with the shade 'No more waity, Katie' in it, as well as the 'Nail Foundation' base coat, 'Hardwear' topcoat, a nail file and a mini size 'Powder Room' baby powder scented nail polish remover.

Now, the polish is a sort of grey-purple colour with purple glitter. I do like the quality of Butter London polishes and it's a pretty shade, but I'm not sure it's 'me' so I may give it away.

The nail polish remover was also oddly only 2 thirds full when I opened the box up but still completely sealed. I'm not sure if it has somehow leaked evaporated or something? (Don't mind the fact there is a bit on the nail file in the picture-that's just me being clumsy and spilling it lol). Or is it supposed to be like this? I found the kit here here with a different shade of nail polish and noticed that the bottle looks a little empty in the stock photo anyway so I'm not sure...a bit strange.

However, the main reason for buying the kit was for the top and base coats. I've been looking to try some new ones and full price, these are £15 here and here. So basically the way I look at it, I got both of these items for less than half of the cost of one, with a couple of freebies thrown in.

Have you found any beauty bargains lately in TK Maxx?
Em x