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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Being kind to strangers

A couple of days ago, I was shopping and a few things happened that inspired this post.

Firstly, a stranger told me I had a lovely smile. It might seem like a small thing but actually I think giving a stranger a random compliment could make such a difference to how that person feels that day, so if you're thinking a compliment while talking to a stranger, why not say it?

Secondly, I was at the till in Next and he lady asked me how I was. When I replied 'I'm good thanks, how are you?' she was taken aback as if no-one ever actually asked her. Is it not simple manners to ask how someone is if they ask you? I would have thought to. We had a little conversation while I was at the till and I'm pretty sure things like that must make retail workers' days a bit brighter, and mine, too.

Thirdly, I was in Boots looking at some Barry M nail polishes and a little old lady walked up to the stand. It was clear her eyesight was not very good and she was struggling to bend down to see the pale colours near the bottom. She picked one up and said 'oh...that one's just white'. So I asked her what she was looking for and she was looking for a pale shimmery colour. I picked her one out that she liked and on she went, happy that someone had helped her.

All this got me thinking, why is it that it seems surprising when a stranger is nice to you or helps you out? It should be something ordinary, not something surprising. 

What are your thoughts?

Em x