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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Battle of the Instant Tans

Lately I have been really getting into instant tans. They are so quick and easy for someone who is quite new to fake tanning. I normally use a gradual tanner (Garnier Summer body) because it is more goof proof than full on tan. But sometimes I just want a quick fix-like the times when I'm going to wear a dress and my legs are looking so pasty and bright white that no-one can look at them without wearing sunglasses. I am not kidding. Even if I go on holiday to a hot and sunny place, my legs don't tan. What they do is either stay white or burn (there was one occasion a couple of years ago when they were literally burnt to a crisp while wearing sun cream in Llandudno, Wales of all places....that's right, not Spain, or Greece, or anywhere with a remotely hot climate....Wales.

With all instant tanners, I use a tanning mitt. Even thought they technically will wash off, I find they can still stain palms and between fingers and I get a smoother more even result with a mitt anyway.

So, keeping all this in mind, it's mainly my legs that I use instant tanners on. Here are the 4 I currently own and what I think:

1. Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan BB in medium matte. This stuff is new out this Summer I believe and it is BRILLIANT. It's not really just a tan, it's similar to the Sally Hansen one (number 4) in that it has a bit of coverage to it. I am that girl who always manages to have a bruise somewhere on my legs and this not only manages to make them look more tanned but also covers up any marks. Find it here for £6.99. This one stayed put well.

2. Sunshimmer  Instant Tan 24 hour in light matte. This one is more of a gel consistency compared to the BB version, which is more of a cream. It's therefore less moisturising and is more of just a tan rather than having foundation-like coverage. Personally, I'd choose the BB version after trying both. Find it here for £6.99. The packaging has been updated and it has been more water resistant since I bought this I believe-it has been in my stash for a good while. This one stayed put reasonably well.

3. He-Shi One Day Tan. This is more of a high end instant tan, although I managed to pick it up on sale in TK Maxx for £3 a few weeks ago-that's less than the price of the Rimmel ones! You can find it on Feel Unique here for £12.35. You get a bit more in this one-150ml whereas the Rimmel ones are 125ml. I found that this had a much lighter consistency and shade than the light shade of the Rimmel. This one only comes in one shade so unless you are pale, it's not really going to work. With my legs being so pale, I can use this one, but I do tend to use it over a bit of gradual tan-like when it is wearing off or hasn't built up enough yet and I just want to add a bit more colour. For me, it wouldn't be enough on its own to stop me looking ghostly. Also I didn't find this one to be as transfer resistant as the others-so as much as I'm happy with it for the price I paid, I wouldn't pay full price for it when there are cheaper alternatives I prefer.

4. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs. This is not marketed as a tan but rather as make up for your legs. Like the Rimmel BB version, it gives a good amount of coverage on bruises etc as well as colour. I have the shade light glow.  Find it here for £9.99. This is sort of the original of the bunch I feel like and it was definitely the first one I tried. It's AMAZINGLY transfer resistant and can also be used on the rest of your body with no problems.

Overall...what would I recommend? 
I would give 1st place to the Sally Hansen and 2nd to the Rimmel Sunshimmer BB. Both are great but I think the Sally Hansen is just slightly more long lasting. However I did recently use the Rimmel BB with a pale peach dress and nothing rubbed off at all. It's close, there's not a lot for me to choose between them.

What's your favourite instant tan?

Em x