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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Revlon Moisture Stains

I have been waiting for these to be released in the UK since they started popping up on US blogs and youtube channels. I had high hopes for them!

This morning I went into Superdrug to pick up some more dry shampoo...and what did I spot...the moisture stains had appeared! And even better the display had not been touched at all-the ones marked testers hadn't even been opened and there was not one missing. I don't know why but there was something satisfying about being the first there haha. Plus they were on an introductory offer-they are currently £5.99 instead of £7.99.

So after spending a few minutes swatching them all on my hand and trying to figure out which I would like to try, I decided on 2 shades: Barcelona Nights (top) and LA Exclusive (bottom).

So as soon as I hopped in the car I tried Barcelona Nights out...I can't be the only one who does this when they've just bought new make up...surely?

 They are another product going along the same lines as the famous YSL glossy stains. They have an interesting applicator-it is quite flat with a pointed tip as you can see. The tip makes it easy to apply the product neatly as you can use it to go around the edge.

They apply just like a moisturising, pigmented gloss and when the gloss wears off, you are left with a nice stain. I found that after a few hours of wear (and during this time I had been drinking tea), there was a stain left but my lips still felt moisturised-like the kind of feeling you get when you put a thick lip balm on and let it sink in for a few hours. There was a layer of moisture left and my lips felt comfortable.  For this reason, I prefer these by far to the Balm Stains Revlon have in the pencil format (including the original, matte and glossy formulas-I've tried them all and found them a little drying).

You will still need to reapply the moisture stains after a few hours but they fade nicely and leave a good amount of colour and moisture on your lips after the gloss starts to fade.

After I've used these a bit more, I may well get 1 or 2 more shades-I really like them so far!

What do you think? Have you tried the Revlon moisture stains yet?

Em x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Body Shop Body Sorbets

Yesterday, I mentioned that there was another Body Shop item I would be posting about-well here it is! The AMAZING body sorbets (I promise I'm not being paid to say that at all-I genuinely love them!) I absolutely love the body shop body products and have been buying things from them for years. I love fruity scents and that is what they do best in my opinion.

So...back to the body sorbets. I chose 2, in the mango and satsuma scents. They are lightweight body moisturisers that are sort of like a thick gel consistency. They sink into your skin very quickly, meaning that you don't get all hot and sticky. I hate applying body moisturisers that sit on my skin after a shower in the Summer because I often feel like by the time I've done that I feel all yuck and need a shower again! But not with these! You are just left with lightly moisturised skin and a gorgeous fruity scent! I could definitely be tempted to try some of the other scents too. I imagine  that putting them in the fridge in hot weather would be amazing with them being more of a gel.

You get 200ml for £8 full price, which I don't think is too bad for the lovely quality of them, but The Body Shop near enough always have offeres on. I managed to get mine for £4 each which I thought was a bit of a bargain. You can currently get 35% off everything by using the code 35OFF on their website here.

Em x

Review and Comparison: Superfacialist by Una Brennan Deep Clean and Anti Blemish Masks

A few posts back, I mentioned that I had picked up the new Anti Blemish mask from the Superfacialist range and I was asked for a review-so here it is! I thought I would also compare it with the deep clean mask from the same range since it is a similar kind of product.

Both masks are the typical clay based masks that are designed to draw all of the nastiness out of your pores. They are also the same grey colour and the same sort of consistency.

Now, what I found interesting is that both products in fact contain salicylic acid, an ingredient often used to help with acne and gently chemically exfoliate the skin. So actually, the deep clean also has some of the acne fighting ingredient. Now, keeping that in mind, along with the fact that I can't find the deep cleansing one on the Boots website,  or in store, and the fact that the description of the products on the back of the tubes is very similar, I do wonder if the anti-blemish version is like a new and improved version of the deep clean and whether they are discontinuing the older one. They also smell very similar!

I have now had the chance to try out the newer mask a couple of times and can confirm that it did pretty much the same for me as the deep clean one. This is not at all to say it's bad, in fact I really like it, but I don't think you don't need to own both-if they are both still available!

So, what do both the masks do? They make my skin feel SUPER clean and very soft. They also help to balance out oil production in my skin when I'm feeling particularly oily (I have combo-oily skin) and they really do help reduce the size and redness of any breakouts, or stop any that are forming. If I feel any breakouts coming on (usually around 'that time of the month' for me), I cleanse my skin then slap this on in the evening and leave it to dry for about 5-10 mins (it says 5 on the tube but I like to give it a bit longer to make sure it's done its job). You do need to moisturise afterwards but it's best to do that anyway. I currently use the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser afterwards, which is hydrating but not at all greasy so great for oilier skins. I find that any breakouts are dramatically reduced in the morning or most of the time stopped in their tracks if they were only just developing.

Overall, I'm a big fan of the Una Brennan masks.

Have you tried the Una Brennan skincare range? Are there any other products from the line you would recommend?

Em x

The Body Shop Colour Crush and Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks

This morning, I got a delivery from the body shop. I wanted to try out 2 things-the first being the lipsticks featured in this post (second to come in another post). I read a lot about the colour crush and colour crush shine lipsticks when they were first launched and noticing that there was a £25 off a £50 spend on the website, I thought it was the perfect time to try them.

I opted for 3 shades. The first two are from the colour crush line-225 blushing pink and 105 coral cutie. The 3rd is from the colour crush shine range-18 sunset romance.

Top to bottom: sunset romance; coral cutie; blushing pink

Left to right: blushing pink; coral cutie; sunset romance
 Both the original colour crush and colour crush shine formulas feel very moisturising and creamy-this is what I go for in a lipstick. I would rather have to reapply than have my lips looking like a pair of prunes from long wear formulas that dry my lips out. Having said that, the original colour crush lipsticks will be a bit more long lasting than the colour crush shine because of the difference in formulas. While the original are creamy and have a bit of gloss to them, the shine version are much more sheer and glossy with a more slippery feel-not in a bad way-if that makes sense. So really if you were making a decision between the two, it just depends on whether you'd prefer more pigment of more gloss. Personally, I love them both :-)

 Blushing pink (above) is the perfect everyday subtle pink.

Coral cutie (above) is a very pigmented orange. I actually thought it was going to be a more orange/ red than it is but it's more of a straight up orange. For this reason, I would probably pair it with a red liner pencil just to make it slightly more red-I love the colour but for me personally I would be worrying about my teeth-unless your teeth are super duper white orange can make them look quite yellow. I've never tried a colour like this so I thought I would be a bit adventurous and try something new!

The other way I would be happy wearing it is more like a stain-in the picture below I dabbed it on and patted it into my lips. This makes it much more wearable and means getting much more use out of it for me. I would probably wear it like this in the day, then amp it up with some red liner and more of the lipstick in the evening-perfect!

coral cutie worn as stain

 Sunset romance (above) from the shine range is a sheer coral that is perfect for the Summer-a hint of coral without being too much. I would use this for everyday wear.

Both the colour crush and colour crush shine ranges retail for £10 each, which with today's drugstore prices isn't super expensive, however The Body Shop are always having deals and offers on. I actually managed to get mine for £5 each and they are well worth that-they definitely feel like a good quality product and they have a really big shade range so there is something for everyone. You can currently 35% off everything code when you enter 35OFF  at the checkout here.

What do you think of the colours I chose? Are there any more of The Body Shop lipsticks you would recommend I try?

Em x

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Giant Spectacular! The Giants Return!

This weekend marked the return of the 'Giant Spectacular' to Liverpool. We missed it last time it was on and we weren't really sure if we would go to see them this year, but we ended up hopping on the train to see them on Saturday and it was well worth it. 

The last time they appeared for a commemorative piece of street theatre was in April 2012, when the event was to do with the Titanic disaster. This time, it was to do with the First World War.-August 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the war. 

The story was told through the use of giant moving puppets. The puppets were held up by cranes and all their moving parts were controlled by ropes, a person being responsible for each. They were so life like because of all the different moving parts! My favourite was Xolo the dog-they had obviously studied how the dog needed to move and he looked so real. We also saw the little girl giant. We missed out on the Grandma giant but we saw the 2 we'd really wanted to so that was the main thing.

We got there a bit early-unintentionally actually-but handy because it meant we could pick our spot and get a place at the front. We didn't go to the place where they were starting because it was already really busy there and we figured we were better going a bit further along the route they were taking and being able to be at the front when they arrived there. We had a really good view and I was able to get some quite close up photos!

Such a cute face, Xolo!

Xolo getting groomed!

Did you see the giant spectacular this weekend or have you ever seen anything similar?

Em x

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Battle of the Instant Tans

Lately I have been really getting into instant tans. They are so quick and easy for someone who is quite new to fake tanning. I normally use a gradual tanner (Garnier Summer body) because it is more goof proof than full on tan. But sometimes I just want a quick fix-like the times when I'm going to wear a dress and my legs are looking so pasty and bright white that no-one can look at them without wearing sunglasses. I am not kidding. Even if I go on holiday to a hot and sunny place, my legs don't tan. What they do is either stay white or burn (there was one occasion a couple of years ago when they were literally burnt to a crisp while wearing sun cream in Llandudno, Wales of all places....that's right, not Spain, or Greece, or anywhere with a remotely hot climate....Wales.

With all instant tanners, I use a tanning mitt. Even thought they technically will wash off, I find they can still stain palms and between fingers and I get a smoother more even result with a mitt anyway.

So, keeping all this in mind, it's mainly my legs that I use instant tanners on. Here are the 4 I currently own and what I think:

1. Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan BB in medium matte. This stuff is new out this Summer I believe and it is BRILLIANT. It's not really just a tan, it's similar to the Sally Hansen one (number 4) in that it has a bit of coverage to it. I am that girl who always manages to have a bruise somewhere on my legs and this not only manages to make them look more tanned but also covers up any marks. Find it here for £6.99. This one stayed put well.

2. Sunshimmer  Instant Tan 24 hour in light matte. This one is more of a gel consistency compared to the BB version, which is more of a cream. It's therefore less moisturising and is more of just a tan rather than having foundation-like coverage. Personally, I'd choose the BB version after trying both. Find it here for £6.99. The packaging has been updated and it has been more water resistant since I bought this I believe-it has been in my stash for a good while. This one stayed put reasonably well.

3. He-Shi One Day Tan. This is more of a high end instant tan, although I managed to pick it up on sale in TK Maxx for £3 a few weeks ago-that's less than the price of the Rimmel ones! You can find it on Feel Unique here for £12.35. You get a bit more in this one-150ml whereas the Rimmel ones are 125ml. I found that this had a much lighter consistency and shade than the light shade of the Rimmel. This one only comes in one shade so unless you are pale, it's not really going to work. With my legs being so pale, I can use this one, but I do tend to use it over a bit of gradual tan-like when it is wearing off or hasn't built up enough yet and I just want to add a bit more colour. For me, it wouldn't be enough on its own to stop me looking ghostly. Also I didn't find this one to be as transfer resistant as the others-so as much as I'm happy with it for the price I paid, I wouldn't pay full price for it when there are cheaper alternatives I prefer.

4. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs. This is not marketed as a tan but rather as make up for your legs. Like the Rimmel BB version, it gives a good amount of coverage on bruises etc as well as colour. I have the shade light glow.  Find it here for £9.99. This is sort of the original of the bunch I feel like and it was definitely the first one I tried. It's AMAZINGLY transfer resistant and can also be used on the rest of your body with no problems.

Overall...what would I recommend? 
I would give 1st place to the Sally Hansen and 2nd to the Rimmel Sunshimmer BB. Both are great but I think the Sally Hansen is just slightly more long lasting. However I did recently use the Rimmel BB with a pale peach dress and nothing rubbed off at all. It's close, there's not a lot for me to choose between them.

What's your favourite instant tan?

Em x

Orly Miss Conduct

Isn't this colour AMAZING? Orly Miss Conduct is another nail polish I recently bought. I love bright pinks on my nails in the Summer and this one has a fine shimmer/ glitter running through it that makes it slightly different from the million and one other hot pinks I've tried (well maybe not quite that many but you know....a lot). This picture is taken in sunlight. It is so sparkly in the sun-perfect for a magpie like me.

It went on like a dream-the first coat was nice and smooth and almost opaque. It was completely opaque in 2 coats.

I have a few Orly polishes now and I think they're really good quality!

Have you tried any Orly polishes? Do you have any favourites you would recommend I try?

Em x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop

I managed to grab this nail polish for around half price from an ebay seller after I spotted it here when browsing the beautybay website. I adore Deborah Lippmann polishes but have never paid full price for one-£18 is difficult to justify on one nail polish! I have, however, started to build a bit of a collection of them, having found packs of 3 reduced to £12 in TK Maxx a few months ago (yes £4 each-that's less than some drugstore brand polishes-I could not believe my luck). Since then I have bought the occasional one when I've had a good discount code etc. Maybe one day I will do a post on my collection.

Anyway...back to candy shop...

Here, I am wearing one coat of the polish and a top coat. As you can see, it is a sheer pink with multi-coloured glitters. The glitters vary in size and really stand out from the pink base. If any of you own the very popular shade 'Happy Birthday' (this was all over the internet a little while ago and became very difficult to find), then you will be able to see that it is in fact the same glitter, just in a pink base instead of a clear base. I actually have a  close dupe of Happy Birthday, Nicole by OPI 'Rainbow in the Sky-lie' from their Kardashian collection-which you can see below.

I absolutely love candy shop, it's so fun! It's almost a bit childish being so glittery but I think we all need a bit of glitter in our lives haha. It would also look lovely just painted onto 1 nail on each hand as an accent nail, and the rest painted a pale pink.

I love that it looks pretty in one coat. I could have done two but then I imagine that the base colour would sort of get lost because the glitter would take over.

Have you tried 'Candy Shop'? What do you think of Deborah Lippmann polishes?

Em x

Next Cashmere Eye Shadow Palette: another urban decay naked palette alternative?

Today I received a late birthday present of a few items from Next (I actually really liked getting it late as it felt like getting an extra random present! hehe). One of them was this gorgeous palette from the Next Cashmere range (cashmere is a perfume they make and they have an associated cosmetics line). From looking on the website, I believe it costs £6 and it is available here

The cashmere palette swatched.

The first thought I had when I saw this palette was how much it reminded me of the original urban decay naked palette for a fraction of the price! The shades in a Next palette are all very pigmented, perhaps not quite as buttery as urban decay but amazing for £6. Now, you do get 10 shadows in the Next palette as opposed to the 12 in the naked palette, but I really don't mind as the colours are gorgeous! They are not all exact dupes of the urban decay palette, but they are definitely reminiscent and a great alternative if you don't want to spend £37 on an eye shadow palette.

Above, you can see the naked palette and cashmere palette side by side for comparison. The Next version is also much smaller, making it great for travel or slotting into your everyday make up bag. I actually had to use my new naked palette that I haven't used yet (I've had it sitting there as a back-up for a while) for this picture as my old one is very battered looking with half the colours missing!

What do you think of the cashmere palette? Have you tried any Next make up products?

Em x

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Review: Strike a Rose

Yesterday I picked up one of the new Maybelline Baby Lips Electro lip balms. I chose the shade 'Strike a Rose', which is a lovely warm pink/ coral colour. It looks a bit intimidating in the tube, but being a balm I knew it wouldn't be super pigmented. 

Above, you can see 2 swatches-the one on the left is one swipe and the one on the right is with it built up a bit, having gone over it a few times. The colour can actually be built up quite a bit for a tinted balm.

(Sorry for the slightly cakey looking foundation in the picture-it was late in the day and it had been on all day in the heat)

On the lips, it gives a very nice wash of colour. As is to be expected for a balm with a more slippy sort of texture, it feel very moisturising and nice on the lips but doesn't have much lasting power. I don't mind that with this sort of product because it's the sort of thing you can just quickly slap on, possibly even without a mirror if you're just doing a quick swipe. It also has a nice shine to it so makes a great alternative to wearing a gloss. It is not at all sticky.

It has a sweet, fruity sort of smell but doesn't really taste of much on your lips which is nice-I would rather have no taste at all than a taste I don't like, and after all not everyone is going to like a particular taste.

Overall, I really like this product for the hot days in Summer when you just want something easy and moisturising instead of a full on lipstick. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it for every day wear.

Have you tried the baby lips electro? What do you think of them?

Em x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Love parks week

According to our local paper, it's Love parks week next week. Me and my husband spend a lot of time in our local parks and outdoor spaces during the Summer months. There is one particular park that's our favourite, maybe partly because we both spent a lot of time there during our childhoods, but also because it's a beautiful place to go. I always think that parks are underrated and that it's pretty amazing to have such lovely big green spaces nearby when you live in a city. 

I also love the fact that you can get close to wildlife. There are lots of signets and ducklings every Spring/ Summer in our favourite park as well plenty of squirrels all year round. I'm quite often there with my camera snapping photos of the animals I spot.

 Plus, of course, it's a free day out. We often take a picnic and spend a large part of the day walking around and sitting taking in our surroundings and enjoying the Sun (when it's here-the Northwest of England is not always the sunniest place haha). We just love the opportunity to be outdoors. It's also, of course, great if you've got kids.

Do you visit your local parks and green spaces much?

Em x

Mint Madness-Primark mint green lace and beaded detail dress

The 'mint madness' continues....I think I am officially obsessed with this colour! A couple of days ago I went for  look around Primark. To be honest I find things there very hit and miss. I don't know how some people walk out with huge bags of clothes. I picked up 5 things, waited ages to try them on and only one of them looked right. Does that happen to anyone else?

Anyway, the 1 thing I did buy is this beautiful mint green dress. It is a lined, chiffon fabric and the top half has a lace overlay-almost like a mock top and skirt. The lace has beautiful beading and sequins all over and it subtly catches the light-very pretty. The top is a bit more fitted and the skirt flares out-skater sort of style-and it hits me a bit above the knee (I'm 5'4'' so I imagine it would be quite short if you are tall). It £25, which I thought was a lot for Primark! But then I considered how much it would be elsewhere-probably double that considering all the detailing. Summer party season sprung to mind-I will probably just wear it on evenings out as I have no specific event in mind, but if you've got a daytime event like a wedding, garden party etc to go to I think the colour would be really nice and Summery.

What do you think? Do you like mint green as much as I do?

Em x

Being kind to strangers

A couple of days ago, I was shopping and a few things happened that inspired this post.

Firstly, a stranger told me I had a lovely smile. It might seem like a small thing but actually I think giving a stranger a random compliment could make such a difference to how that person feels that day, so if you're thinking a compliment while talking to a stranger, why not say it?

Secondly, I was at the till in Next and he lady asked me how I was. When I replied 'I'm good thanks, how are you?' she was taken aback as if no-one ever actually asked her. Is it not simple manners to ask how someone is if they ask you? I would have thought to. We had a little conversation while I was at the till and I'm pretty sure things like that must make retail workers' days a bit brighter, and mine, too.

Thirdly, I was in Boots looking at some Barry M nail polishes and a little old lady walked up to the stand. It was clear her eyesight was not very good and she was struggling to bend down to see the pale colours near the bottom. She picked one up and said 'oh...that one's just white'. So I asked her what she was looking for and she was looking for a pale shimmery colour. I picked her one out that she liked and on she went, happy that someone had helped her.

All this got me thinking, why is it that it seems surprising when a stranger is nice to you or helps you out? It should be something ordinary, not something surprising. 

What are your thoughts?

Em x

Super cute ASOS cat tee

How cute is this t-shirt? I ordered it from ASOS a couple of days ago and it should be arriving today. I had a £5 off voucher through their reward points scheme so that made it under £10. I am a bit unsure about what the fit will be like as I don't normally order from the petite section, although I am not that tall at 5'4''. If it does turn out to be on the short side for me, I'm envisioning tucking it into a skirt so I can just wear the skirt more high waisted. The fabric is 100% cotton which is something I look for-I like to wear more natural fabrics in Summer as man made fabrics tend to make me a bit hot and sticky. You can buy it here for £14.  Unfortunately it seems that it's only available in the petite section, but you could make it work by tucking it into something more high waisted, or even wearing it as a crop top if you're tall, have the stomach for it and are brave enough?!

What do you think? Em x

Boots Goodies

Yesterday, I needed to to do some present shopping but I couldn't resist popping into Boots, especially since from looking at their website I knew there were a few things I'd been wanting to get that were on offer.

1. Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads. I've had these before, when I also bought them on offer (they are a bit on the pricey side at £12.99 full price but I bought them for £8.66) link. You can use these in place of a toner and they contain glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate your skin. I used these around every other night and I found they helped my skin to look smoother, brighter and clearer. Bearing in mind there are 60 pads, used every other night these will last several months.

2. Nip and Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix. I saw this mentioned somewhere online-not sure where-but it intrigued me. It is a physical scrub with fine particles so it's not too harsh, but also has 3% glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate. I know my skin likes glycolic acid from using the pads previously so I decided to give this a try too (£6.33 here, full price £9.95). 

3. Superfacialist by Una Brennan Salycylic Acid Anti Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask (whoa that is a long name!). Thisis your typical grey coloured clay mask with added salicylic acid, which I find works very well for me if I have any spots threatening. It's currently on offer here for £5.99 instead of £8,99. 

4. Boots Extracts Juicy Mango body spray. This smells so delicious. I have some of the bath and body products from the same range so it matches, which is nice. I like to carry round a body spray sometimes on hot days to freshen up without it being as heavy a a perfume and this fruity smell just says Summer to me. It's £4.50 here and is actually on 3 for 2, although I only wanted the 1 thing. I actually bought this after the Natural Collection version I had being stolen from my desk at work. What on earth?! I couldn't find Natural Collection bath and body products in the store-does anyone know if they've stopped making them?

5. Barry M Gelly Nail Paints. These are available here for £3.99 and are currently on offer-buy one get one half price. I'm really loving pastel nails at the moment so I went for the shades (left to right) Rose Hip, Huckleberry, Sugar Apple and Coconut). Sugar Apple is just a bit paler and more pastel than my beloved Rimmel Peppermint.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts below!

Em x

Monday, 21 July 2014

Models Own Microdots

I recently picked up a Models Own polish in the shade 'Mircodots' which is such a fun shade! It has yellow, orange, red and light and dark blue pieces in it-it sort of looks like glitter in the bottle but it's not because it's not sparkly. Of course, the first time I wore it I used it as a topcoat over one of my current favourites Rimmel Pro nail polish in shade 500 Peppermint (also featured here).  I think this will look so fun over so many lighter/ pastel colours for the Summer and it's like a very easy form of nail art really.

What do you think of Model's Own Microdots? Do you like the 'spotty' topcoats that seem to be popular at the moment?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Chocolate Cupcakes

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? Not many I wouldn't have thought. I recently made these chocolate cupcakes using a recipe I found here on and they turned out so nicely. I used a Dr Oetker gold shimmer spray over the frosting, which is so simple to do but I think makes them look really luxurious. The ricepaper butterflies are also from Dr. Oetker. I felt like the decoration I used was simple but effective. Since then, I've made them again but using some plain, dark brown cases that I found in Morrisons and they looked even better since they matched the chocolate theme.

What do you think?

Em x

10 'Holy Grail' Products

I thought I'd write a post about the products that I always use without fail, or at least I always have them around and wouldn't be without them-otherwise known in the blogging world as 'holy grail' products I believe. As I was getting ready this morning, I had a think about products I use all the time and I came up with 10 items.

1.Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: This is my everyday face powder. I always set my foundation as I have combination/ oily skin that gets particularly oily during the Summer. This one is cheap and cheerful (£3.99 in Boots or Superdrug) and keeps me really quite matte through the day-I only normally touch up once during a work day.

2.Benefit They're Real Mascara: Put simply, this just makes my eyelashes look the best compared to all the other mascaras I've tried. It also stays put and doesn't flake or smudge. This means I need to use a bi-phase eye makeup remover to remove it, but it's worth it and it's still not as difficult as waterproof to get off.

3. Revlon Colorstay Foundation: This stays put on long work days and gives a nice coverage. I think a lot of people think this one is super heavy but used with a buffing brush or make up sponge I'd say it gives medium coverage that can be built up to full if you want to. I use the oily skin version and it stays put the best-there's nothing else quite like it for lasting power. I wouldn't wear it on a super hot day when I'm going to be outside, when I would pick something lighter feeling, but for work and long days it's perfect.

4. Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer: This really does help with the lasting power of your foundation on oilier skins and is also a non-greasy way of getting a decent level of SPF on your face. If I was spending a lot of time in the sun I'd use an actual SPF product but for day to day going to work and running errands etc I feel like SPF20 in a primer is sufficient.

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Spray: Can you tell I like longlasting face products yet?! I spray this a few times over my completed makeup and it takes away any sort of powdery look, making the finish of powder look a bit more natural and really does work with helping your makeup to last too, does what it says on the tin.

6. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion: If you have oily skin and wear eye shadow, you need this. It makes all eyeshadows really last without creasing up. If I'm wearing eye shadow, you know I'm wearing this. There are some similar products around now but I don't think they're as good as the original personally.

7. La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat: This is a gel-cream moisturiser for oilier skins. It's perfect for underneath makeup as it is designed to keep you matte. It sinks in quickly but still gives me enough moisture-I find that some mattifying moisturisers leave me feeling a bit dry but not this one.

8. Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm: This really hangs around on your lips-put it on before bed and you can still feel it in the morning. It's also great for under more matte lippies because it has a non-shiny finish.

9. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: I've never tried the much raved about Bioderma cleansing water, but I imagine this is the same thing. It does a great job of quickly wiping away make up and is gentle on the skin. It's also super cheap at around £4-5 for a huge 400ml bottle but I normally pick it up on offer for a little bit cheaper.

10.Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo: This saves my hair from looking a greasy mess on days in between washing. As well as having oilier skin, I also have oily hair that would need washing more or less every day if it wasn't for this stuff. The tropical scent is my favourite-makes my hair look clean and smell like a coconut what more could a girl want?!

Have you tried any of my 'holy grail' products? What are yours?

Em x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Current top 5: Summer Lipsticks

I do like a good everyday pinky lipstick but during the Summer I like to mix it up a bit and add in something slightly more brightening as well as my usual shades. Here are my current 5 favourites for this Summer. Strangely, 3 of them are in the oh so popular 'chubby pencil' format.

Left to right:
  1. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in 'Bashful'. This one is very well used and battered and always lives in my handbag as you can slap it on without a mirror. It's a very easy to wear pinky, glossy shade.
  2. Clinique Glossy Stick in 'Pudgy Peony'. I find this one is a brighter yet really wearable pink as it is not super pigmented but gives just enough colour with one layer, although you can build it up to be quite bright.
  3. Bourjois Colour Boost in 'Peach on the Beach' is a lovely coral, glossy shade that leaves behind a nice stain as the gloss fades.
  4. Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 16. This is a less glossy coral shade that I find to be really flattering.
  5. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 'Naked'. This is one of those everyday shades I was talking about-flattering and defines my lips for when I do want something a bit subtle, without being too pale or washing me out. I actually love this lipstick so much that I wore it on our wedding day-it was a perfect bridal shade.
What are your favourite Summer lipsticks?

Em x